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Amberg Engineering realises innovative, customised solutions for underground structures. From planning and realisation to operation, our specialists will support you throughout the entire lifecycle of a structure.

Services in All Phases

– Project Review

– Project Management

– Controlling

– Risk Management

– Consulting

– Training

– Safety Evaluation

Phase 1 – Planning

– Geological Survey

– Feasibility Study

– Preliminary & Schematic Design

– Invitation to Tender

– Geotechnical & Structural Analysis

– Stability Analysis & Evaluation

– Dynamic Analysis

– Fire Protection Concepts 

– Safety Concepts

– Evacuation Planning

Phase 2 – Realisation

– Detailed Design

– Construction Supervision

– Project Direction

– Control Surveying

– Vibration & Shock Monitoring

– Resource Planning

– Quality Management

Phase 3 – Operation

– Facility Inspection

– State Assessment

– Conservation of Value Planning

– Maintenance Planning

– Renewal & Refurbishment

– Modification

Sectors of Operation


Road Tunnels


With constantly increasing traffic volumes, the need for traffic infrastructure also increases. As this infrastructure should be implemented in harmony with the communities involved and the environment, road tunnels are often the chosen solution. Using tunnels reduces traffic on narrow roads in city centres without using additional land – a big bonus for city inhabitants’ quality of life. 


With many years of proven experience, Amberg Engineering is able to master these challenges. Comprehensive know-how under one roof from planning and realisation to maintenance, Amberg Engineering and its specialists provide you with support throughout the entire lifecycle of a road tunnel.


We have over 40 years of experience in underground construction. This know-how enables us to offer our customers holistic and comprehensive services from under one roof.



Social, political and economic developments require traffic to be shifted onto the rail transport network. Growing demands for mobility demand a continuous increase in network capacity. Stretched alignments and a decreasing availability of space mean that evermore railway lines must be guided through tunnels.


From planning and realisation to maintenance, Amberg Engineering and its specialists provide you with support throughout the entire lifecycle of a railway tunnel. We have over 40 years of experience in underground construction. 


This know-how allows us to offer our customers holistic and comprehensive services from under one roof.


Underground railways are fast, environmentally friendly, efficient and an ideal solution for moving people, particularly in densely populated areas. However, undercrossing urban areas presents a particular challenge for tunnel construction.


So, our experts work with the most appropriate tunnelling methods, select the correct lining and deliver you the optimum alignment. In addition, we develop safety concepts and emergency planning, and design the ventilation for metro tunnels and stations.


Once the metro is in operation, we also have the knowledge and technical means – despite shorter breaks in operation – to carry out inspections and maintenance work. To conserve value, we offer periodic state assessments,

strategic value-conservation planning with budgeting and programming, as well as overall planning and supervision of maintenance, refurbishments and conversions.

Infrastructure Tunnels

Often, the supply and disposal networks, which have grown up over time, no longer meet the requirements of a modern community. The limited space available in builtup areas, both above and below ground, push such infrastructure underground. Implementation requires observing stringent requirements on site installations, construction methods and monitoring. At the same time, the solutions may not limit operation of existing supply and disposal systems, traffic routes or habitation. Vibration, noise, dust and surface settlements should be kept as low as possible.


Responding to the needs of clients, users and operators is of central importance to us. We are used to working in interdisciplinary teams no matter whether the co-operation is with nuclear physicists, mechanical engineers, hydraulic engineers or wastewater specialists.


Infrastructure systems, industrial plants, research facilities, hydroelectric power stations, recreational facilities, protective structures, storage facilities, waste disposal facilities and quarries have some joint characteristics. Building a facility in an underground cavern can be the optimal solution to meet these characteristics and requirements – underground facilities need less land, have less impact on the surrounding countryside, prevent some objections and obligations, offer uniform environmental conditions, lead to fewer emissions and offer very high levels of protection.


Amberg Engineering has many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of all types of underground cavern construction. This experience has been gathered over decades, especially in the construction of complex military underground installations – where we are one of the leading engineering design companies in the world.


This, combined with our continuous search for innovative solutions, allows us to take into account the latest developments when delivering our services and to create cost-effective, needs-oriented solutions.

Hydro Power Projects

Being a largely agrarian economy, India presents a large opportunity in this sector for the development and installation of Hydro Power projects due to its abundance of Rivers and water bodies especially since the country is surrounded on 3 sides by water. Hydro Power Projects are complex projects that require experience and dedication as they can pose unique problems that require efficient solutions.


Through their growing expertise in Hydro engineering Amberg Engineering has become increasingly involved in hydro power projects, particularly in North India and is looking to expand its experience in this sector over the coming years.